Lifelong beauty is an “eternal wish” that never exists? With her incredible hotness and youth,this 61-year-old godness is herself a magnificent “visual feast”. 终生的美丽是根本不存在的“永恒奢望”? 这位61的女神却热辣、年轻恣意绽放 带给世界一场华丽的视觉盛宴 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 This godness is Yazemeenah Rossi. Before 30, she was just an ordinary house wife in a small city. 这位女神名叫雅斯米娜(Yazemeenah Rossi),30岁之前, 她一直住在小城市,是个平凡而普通的主妇。 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 At the age of 30, she made a bold decision: to be a model. 在30岁那年,她做了个大胆的决定:要做个时装模特。 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 With her unique elegance, Yazemeenah soon amazed the fashion circle with her stunning beauty. 在时尚圈里,雅思米娜带着她独有的优雅气质慢慢成长,散发出 令人瞩目的美丽。 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 She is more eye-catching than the masculine male model who’s a few decades younger. 比小她几十岁的肌肉男模更有范儿 At 45, Yazemeenah reached the peak of her career, with abundant modeling experiences and striking beauty in her silver hair. Big brands like Hermès, YSL and so on extended olive branches to her. 45岁时,雅思米娜迎来了事业的高峰——沉积多年的模特经验 和一头银发的超凡形象,让爱马仕、YSL等顶尖大牌都纷纷向她 伸出了橄榄枝。 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 At 60, she shocked the fashion circle with her stunning portraits in swimwear, whose figure was even more desirable than some women in their twenties. 在60岁代言泳装,身材比你身边一些20多岁的朋友还好,这种 无龄感美丽真正震撼了时尚圈! 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 Beauty doesn’t come out of the blue, hard work and perseverance are essential. She revealed that at 20, she was 70kg after giving birth to her child. Since then, she was determined to make a change. 没有凭空而来的美丽,只有持之以恒的努力。她说自己曾在20岁 生完孩子时胖到了140多斤,但从那时开始,她决定要改变。 There are few tricks in possessing a nice figure. Adopting appropriate methods and working with perseverance, and time will give you the best answer. 如今的好身材并没有特别的窍门,采用正确的方法,并且坚持下来, 时间终会给予馈赠。 01.Healthy diet 坚持健康饮食 Simple, light but nutrient Mediterranean food brings happiness. 简单、清淡以及富含营养的地中海饮食 让人感觉到幸福 地中海饮食 Natural, organic food instead of high-calorie food 把高热食物换成纯天然的有机食材 地中海饮食 Mediterranean diet lowers heart disease risk, it also protects blood vessel of brain, and reduces risk of stroke and memory loss. 地中海饮食帮助减少患心脏病的风险 保护大脑免受血管损伤 降低发生中风和记忆力减退的风险 地中海饮食 02.Exercises 坚持锻炼 Walk for at least half an hour per day. 每天走路超过半小时 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 Exercises shouldn’t be taken as a burden, but rather a kind of respect to life. 在运动中不要把锻炼当成负担 而是开始尊重身体的节奏 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 Also, fascia maintenance which is popular among European socialite circle, improves microcirculation, boosts metabolism, and restores youth and health. 配合欧洲名媛圈盛行的筋膜整复,改善微循环,加速新陈代谢, 恢复年轻健康机能 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 03.Balance between work and life 平衡工作与生活 It's advisable to be concentrated at work and passionate for life. The 61-year-old godnessyields great success in dancing, performing as well as pottery. By keeping things in balance, she enjoys life thoroughly. 在工作中极度专注,对生活也疯狂热爱。61岁的女神又在舞蹈、 表演、陶艺方面大有收获。保持平衡,让她的每一天都在和生活 谈恋爱。 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 Through hormone health management, The charm of health and youth shines from within the body. 通过荷尔蒙健康管理 身体由内而外健康年轻 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 Insistinapplyinghormonehealthmanagement beforemenopause, helps effectively reverse rapid aging, and remain a woman's charisma. 在更年期前就进行荷尔蒙健康管理 可以最有效逆转断崖式衰老 重现女神极致性感魅力 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 源自1976年的荷尔蒙病理和荷尔蒙抗衰治疗体系风靡欧洲40年, 由欧洲抗衰老协会创始人杰拉德·本善医学博士和欧洲妇科领域 与更年期领域的科学家与医学领导者大卫•埃利亚医学博士率先 在“法国百年历史品牌”巴黎赫尔曼医院开展,帮助300,000人 恢复健康和美丽。 法国巴黎赫尔曼医院 Many women contribute their marriage lives to their husbands, children and parents. Entering their thirties is almost like getting retirement.   很多女人走入婚姻,后面的时间全部归于丈夫、孩子、老人, 30多岁其实就已经在生活的围城里退休了。 Yazemeenah commences her career at 30 and attains her peak at 45. When she is surrounded by her children and grandchildren at 60, she remains to be the radiant goddess. 雅思米娜30岁事业起步,45岁迎来巅峰,当60多岁子孙满堂时, 美丽的她又活成了令全世界仰慕的女神。 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 We always ask for a tender world, for there is more cruelty than tenderness. Yet at any age of a woman’s life, she should be capable to stay attractive. 我们总说,愿世界对你充满温柔。那是因为这个世界总是残酷多 于温柔的。生为女人,无论什么年纪都得对自己的形象负责。 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方 Both beauty and opportunity are for the prepared minds. Also, being beautiful has little to do with getting age, and those who are glorious stay glorious no matter how. 你若盛开,蝴蝶自来;你若精彩,天自安排。美和年龄真的没有 多大的关系,有的人美,一生都美。 YOU are also a Goddess! 你,也可以是女神! 61岁模特雅斯米娜Yazemeenah Rossi的保养秘方